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An Australian based innovative R&D company providing customised solutions in the food and nutrition arena, Neptune Bio-Innovations Holdings Pty Ltd (NBI) uses technology driven solutions to formulate and develop healthy food and food ingredients.

NBI has several own brands but primarily provides commerciallyready products to its clients in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries and/or proprietary ingredients for its clients products.

The company holds trademarks for NaturlyteTM, SweetinTM, Lo-Sal 50TM, NepTrimTM and MooTM. Provisional IP rights are held for SweetinTM. The intellectual property of NBI is protected through a ‘modular development system' which makes theft of trade secrets difficult. No one particular scientist or staff member in NBI has the knowledge of the entire development process of NBI's ingredients or products.

The strategic focus of NBI in recent years has been to address the emerging public health issues of diabetes, hypertension and obesity (particularly in children), by developing natural, plant-based substitutes for the sugar, salt and fat content in consumer goods. Natural alternatives are in high demand and an option that many Governments are backing with regulatory and financial support.

NBI is well placed to bridge the gap between the needs of the food manufacturing industry and the medical profession. As incomes rise in developing countries, consumers themselves are also demanding high quality food products that provide nutritional value and are safe to eat.

NBI has a distinctive capability, with its leading R&D and nutritional product development facilities, to provide ready-for-market products to health and natural/herbal medicine markets in Australia, Asia the Middle East, Latin America and Europe.

NBI has recently embarked on a major project in Brunei to propagate and utilise the medicinal plants found in the natural rainforests of the Borneo region.

The commercialisation of the research currently being undertaken in Brunei is anticipated to boost the position of NBI in the global herbal medicine market.


NBI has developed a number of products and food ingredients from its research, including:

  • SweetinTM - a sugar replacement derived from natural proteins;
  • Lo-Sal 50TM - a naturally derived salt substitute that offers a superior taste profile;
  • NepTrimTM - a versatile fat substitute derived from natural plant based proteins;
  • NaturlyteTM - a suite of natural isotonic/electrolyte oral rehydration (ORS) products, soups and weight management products; and
  • MooTM - a suite of dairy products including fortified milk, infant formula, high fibre milk, skim milk replacer and condensed milk replacer.


NBI is regulated by and is fully compliant with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and Food Standards Australia and New Zealand. It also has ISO 9001, HACCP and NATA accreditation.

Strategic customers

NBI has recently opened a new manufacturing facility in Sydney to expand its production capabilities and produce products for international clients such as Arnotts, Soho, Popina, Cerebos, Amazon, Krumbles, Mayurfood, and Brunei Halal.

The products manufactured by NBI are used as healthy and nutritious ingredients in baked goods, sauces, confectionery, dairy products and beverages.


AQUAEssence is a producer of premium quality bottled water and has been supplying the domestic Australian market since 1998. It is natural spring water that has been naturally filtered for thousands of years through the limestone caves that connect the pristine underground aquifer systems surrounding the Blue Lake in Mount Gambier with access to an abundance of water resources.

AQUAEssence had a number of unique quality and supply attributes which made it a perfect fit with the corporate strategy of BFC to take healthy food and beverage products to the worlds growing communities:

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