Wellington Dairies Pty Ltd, trading as Alexandrina Farm, operates a dairy farm at Wellington on the shores of Lake Alexandrina and Pelican Lagoon, approximately 83km south east of Adelaide.

The farm is in the first year of a three-year conversion to organic production to supply B.-d. Farm Paris Creek. This entails a change in farming practice to reduce and eliminate all use of chemical sprays and residues on pastures.


Kurleah was established as a family-operated 314 hectare dairy farm located at Allendale in the south-east of South Australia. It currently milks 650 cows year-round with replacements and is located in a reliable high rainfall area.

The farm has shown outstanding performance against the average returns of dairy farms in the states of South Australia and Victoria.


The 1,229 hectare farm is one of the largest dairy farms in South Australia, and is the product of the Doman family's accumulation and amalgamation of three adjacent farms over the past 20 years, resulting in the large scale integrated dairy farm enterprise it is today.

The property is located approximately 20km south west of the regional hub of Mount Gambier, in the south east of South Australia. This region is renowned for its dairy farm productivity, with a reliable rainfall and excellent underground water quality, and the farm has expanded through the use of extensive onsite centre pivot irrigation.

The Doman farm has a history of outstanding productivity performance, previously carrying 2,300-2,400 dairy cows and an overall production output potential of 18-20 million litres per annum.


Australian Provincial Cheese has Mable's Gourmet Cheese and Grange Peak as part of its stable of products. Mable's has established itself over a long period as one of the leading premium fruit cheeses in Australia.

Beston Pure Foods

In August 2015, Beston Pure Dairies (BPD), a subsidiary of Beston Global Food Company (BFC) acquired the facilities at Murray Bridge and Jervois from the Receiver for a consideration of $4.5m and renamed the assets Beston Pure Foods (BPF). The operations have since been restructured in order to focus on manufacturing of premium dairy products, and move away from bulk commodity products as was previously the case.

The Jervois processing plant features an advanced milk production system, cheese making facilities, butter maker with 3,000 kg/hr capacity, a recently installed modern whey powder plant and various ancillary and packaging equipment. Site partnering (with Probiotec Limited) will continue to involve production of high value protein 'Lactoferrin' - a key ingredient in infant formulae that is in short supply - from a state-of-the-art facility.

The Murray Bridge processing facility features an end-to-end cheddar manufacturing system, whey separation room and nano-filtration plant. It will continue to produce specialist Italian cheeses Romano and Pepato, and retail dessert packs with new blends suitable for export to South Korea and Japan. Identified and committed Thai demand for produce will drive increased investment into specific product needs.

BGFC has also acquired several dairy farms to support its milk requirements and will be seeking additional farm supply to meet its export orders.