why... the world wants it


The world's population is growing at a rate of 80 million people per year with much of this growth expected to come from developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

As the global population increases, so too does the demand for food, particularly higher quality food. Demand for food products that are more responsive to higher incomes in developing countries - such as meat, fish and aquaculture products, dairy products, sugar and vegetable oils - will grow faster than the demand for basic staples such as rice and cereals.

Beston Global Food Company Limited (BGFC) is out to change the emerging global imbalance between food demand and supply around the globe. Our objective is to invest in well established companies in Australia and globally that produce food and beverage products capable of capitalising on the demand opportunities emerging from the exponential growth in the world's population, and specifically from the ‘dining boom' taking place across Asia.

how... closed loop supply chain

Raw product

BGFC will own farms, production quotas and related property rights to harvest raw materials in order to increase the supply of raw material inputs to our investee companies.



Technology is driving innovative solutions in food production such as improved food processing, better production methods, greater food security and advancements in clean packaging.


Capitalising on Australia’s clean, green image, all of the food products (or food ingredients) of our investor companies are processed in Australia to help ensure product integrity.


Using our long established networks of contacts in overseas markets, we have established a global sales and distribution platform so companies within the BGFC investment portfolio can expand their customer reach, particularly within the ASEAN region and China.

Food security

In many countries, there is wide held mistrust about what goes into processed food. BGFC intends to establish a position whereby all food and beverages in the BGFC stable are trusted by customers as being safe, with genuine ingredient integrity, and transparency in raw material sourcing and food production.

what... we believe in

BGFC believes that the initial investments in the portfolio, along with our knowledge of the agricultural sector and markets in Asia, will give us a first mover advantage in growing and developing companies which have both the products and the abilities to expand to meet the rising demand for high quality food products in this growing economic region, as well as other parts of the world.


Food product counterfeiting worldwide is currently worth an estimated $US1.7 trillion. It is clear to us that consumer concerns about food safety and authenticity will become an even bigger issue in the future, as global demand for food continues to outstrip supply. 

The World Health Organisation had issued a warning that unsafe food is a growing global threat.  It stated that food production and distribution has become more industrialised in response to rising demand, and its trade and distribution has become more globalised, which has introduced multiple opportunities for food to become contaminated with harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemicals. 

BGFC has released a new app, OZIRIS in early 2016 that allows retail customers to instantly trace the origin and safety of its food products around the world on their smart phone or tablet. 

OZIRIS comprises a customized track and trace technology platform which enables consumers to verify the source, quality and integrity of food and beverage products. OZIRIS has been wholly developed by BFC and builds on verification and anti-counterfeiting technology and applications built by DataDot Technology Limited and Brandlok Brand Protection Solutions Pty Ltd. 

OZIRIS has been awarded four provisional patents for its technology developments which are held by Beston Technologies Pty Ltd, a 100% owned subsidiary of BFC. 

The OZIRIS first release mobile App has been uploaded to IOS App Store and is now available in the App Store. The Android version of the OZIRIS App has also been completed and is available for download.

The OZIRIS first release provides users with a number of capabilities, including the ability to:  

  • Login via email or Facebook
  • View all BFC Products
  • Trace all BFC products back to their source, as well as find out where they were made, the use-by date, production date, nutritional information, and other comprehensive manufacturer details
  • Receive push notifications on product updates 
  • Share product information on social media and keep track of their scanned product inventory.
  • Purchase products through the App  

The App is available in both English and Chinese with more languages to follow.

The OZIRIS website is live at www.oziris.com.auOpens in new window where users can view and experience the technology, how it works, how to join and find our participating producers that have joined the platform prior to the launch.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (ozirisfoodtrace) have all been linked to the website to provide interesting, exciting and fun feeds regarding food.