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Australia, and South Australia in particular, has a deserved reputation for producing some of the highest quality food in the world. It is recognised as the clean, green food bowl of growing markets in Asia.

BGFC has carefully selected its assets and production operation sites in South Australia and Victoria, including the Adelaide Hills and Port Lincoln.

South Australia’s seafood comes from pristine ocean waters and its agricultural produce is cultivated in a highly fertile and clean environment. As a result, and combined with its high quality safety and production standards, demand for South Australia’s products is growing.

South Australia’s premium food includes:

  • Rock lobster and tuna that is among the world’s most sought after seafood, cultivated in the waters off Port Lincoln, widely recognised as the Australian seafood capital.
  • Grains used in high quality beers, pastas and oils around the world.
  • Dairy foods grown in the rich and fertile pastures on the Fleurieu Peninsula and the South East.

South Australia has a trusted and outstanding reputation for protecting its environment and industries from pests and diseases, and its systems are backed by laws to support its primary production and clean landscapes.

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A strength of BGFC will be its ability to market and distribute Australian products to the booming economic markets of the ASEAN region.

BGFC already has well-established networks across Asia, and in particular will have a strong presence in China, Thailand, Vietnam and Brunei.

The essential elements of the BGFC sales and distribution platform in China are a direct-to-market supply and distribution arrangement through its wholly-owned subsidiary in Dalian, which penetrates greater China, and an online partnership arrangement with the second largest web-based supermarket chain in China.

BPAM has more than 40 years’ experience working in Thailand, and has set up a subsidiary company, BGFC (Thailand), to be used as a regional hub for the supply of its branded food products to the ASEAN markets.

BGFC has appointed a Regional Chief Executive to head up its Thai and ASEAN operations and has appointed two independent Thai Directors to the Board of BGFC (Thailand).

In Vietnam, BPAM has established an office in Ho Chi Minh to build on its long standing knowledge of and experience in Vietnam and develop opportunities for the export of BGFC branded products from Australia.